’07 The VISITOR…

arrived and left unsteadily

It was probably a little late in the season for visiting Bermuda at its best… winter approaching, occasional rain showers, overcast and a chilly wind kicking in and out every couple of days or so… the Drizabone is coming in handy to cut the wind-chill factor on the Scooter and lets the rain just run off when walking.

Surprise, surprise – yes I have taken up walking as an option, though with some reluctance.

Anyway it’s fair ‘precipitating with gusts bringing the showers in near horizontal’ so I’ve caught a bus all the way out to Bermuda International Airport [there’s only one Airport but sounds good the ‘International’ bit]. By the time I’ve arrived the wind and rain have dropped off, so I’m looking a tad ‘ridiculous’ in my Drizabone waiting at the passenger arrival door.

Big Bro [BB] appears with his backpack and we’re away… in a taxi!

1st stop is Swizzle Inn for a late breakfast, actually I manage to slip a ‘swizzle’ into him before he realises the potency of this rum based drink. Needless to say, BB has the gift and charm of the Ole man and has the staff eating out of his hand before the orders are placed… 2nd Taxi and we’re home via the winding narrow roads with their limestone walls.

No time like the present, I have BB on the back of the Scooter and off to the Hire Shop. Without more than one qualifying run up and down the hill he’s now tourist licensed to ride the backstreets of Bermuda. He did look a tad worried/nervous when we returned home but what the heck I still have another older Bro back in Oz… Memory lane “You know its 30+ years since I’ve been on a bike?” BB.. “So, you didn’t fall off did you?” Me.

The start of a week with my Bro here. We hit all the historical sites I could find, that I hadn’t seen. I wonder if he is into Historical Forts dating back to circa 1680? If he wasn’t he at least has an appreciation of them now! As an Ozzie he does have one fault that no amount of chiacking can alter – he has to have his mid-morning cup of tea. So we’re off on the next tour, I pull into a nearby restaurant for his cup of tea. ¬†Well as the weather is fine and warm, I’ve ordered him a ‘Long Island Tea’; after the initial Alcohol rush that these ‘teas’ inspire BB decided that he’ll order his own cuppa tea in the future… We dined, scootered, drank, photographed and generally had a ball… Even managed to keep the poor old soul up past midnight when we hit the ‘Rum Club’ – if I hadn’t had a glass
of Red in hand to calm myself, I would have worried when he hit the dance floor and boogied with the best of them… after about two hours I could see he was starting flag but the Ladies had him on the floor [I wonder if he was lapping it up?] and there was no way off…

Last night here we went the ‘Henry the Eights’ for dinner, had the usual family words over who was paying for the night, nyuck, nyuck, a week later the place was burnt down… I wonder if it had anything to do with us?

Sadly we dropped off the 50cc Scooter before we loaded him, me and his backpack aboard our trusty beast for the run back out to the Airport…

Anyway, twas a touch close as we said fare thee well after a week; great to get the family news 1st hand. I know I had a ball, D & I enjoyed his company… though his comment that he “had at least three days before he started his hike on the English Moors to sober up” was odd??

Lost the photo’s of himself but have the sights we visited!

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