’06 Southwest in d’Entrecasteaux National Park

1 warm, 2 cool nights in tall timber…

Final weekend in Oz before red-eye flights to Bermuda.
After holding the mighty garage sale 3 months ago, it was a case of borrowing camping gear for the trip to d’Entrecasteaux Park which is on the south coast of WA. Primarily it is all National Forest Park with a difference. After a drive down to the south Coast of WA, we set up camp on the edge of d’Entrecasteaux Park. It’s the middle of the Australian summer and we’re rugged to the max against the cold!
Also under attack! Most visitors to Oz are struck by the persistence of the humble small Australian Bush Fly – they can be everywhere, around your shoulders, trying to crawl into the corner of your mouth and eyes and if you are wearing dark colours they’ll just settle on your back in masses. But the one I had forgotten about, this trip, is the March Fly and it was the merry month of March. They are green, large and noisy – and have a nasty habit of jamming their proboscis into any exposed flesh that is moist [read perspiration here and you know you don’t have a chance]. We were attacked twice daily – and the result of battle was usually 5 bites versus 20 -30 deaths…
All in all though we had a couple of relaxing days. We kayaked a river to the mouth, 4WD drove over massive sand dunes, were sandblasted on the beach and supped the odd glass of Chardonnay…
Our exit trip was via Nannup – an old timber town – which has embraced the tourism culture with style. If we manage to find a few $’s we’d consider a property there for the atmosphere…
thanks to Lyn & Andy for their Camping gear and putting us up for the 2 months before
we took to the air and headed to Bermuda.

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