2004 AGM minutes: actually the only minutes & AGM held, now that I think of it…

The Outback Coast Kayak Club Inc (Carnarvon), alias “OCKI”, held it’s AGM on Sat 12th June in town while a quorum of 16 members drove out of town towards Bush Bay for a gentle paddle back to Carnarvon.

As there were no resolutions or itemised agenda and no members in attendance at the AGM, all tabled items for discussions were passed unanimously without discussion.

The current financial status of the association is $0.00 which, fortunately for the Hon. Treasurer, shows no change from the previous financial year or any other year. In closing no-one thanked the non-existent committee for their efforts over the past year during hich they didn’t meet at all.

The biannual Bush Bay to Fascine marathon paddle was undertaken by 16 past and future honorary OCKI members with diligent and professional support provided by Ray Ellis on ‘Echo’ and Brian Bartlett on whatever he is calling his craft.

The start was its normal dislocated effort with 25% of members drifting in and out of mangroves and the remainder wandering in the general direction of Carnarvon under the eye of Hon. Offshore Commodore Hayley. Hon Pres Mick Coffey had a nanna nap at the 5 km mark and awoke to find that the whole membership had passed him by.

To the extreme pleasure of the starting and finishing committee, Hon Pres Andy Bleach was held back for a while with two members in tow.

Hon Pres Rose steamed ahead and removed 2 hours off the inaugural 7 hour time for the event.

All in all, the average OCKI member managed the approximate 36 km kayak in 6 hours.

Line Honours and overall handicap winner was everybody.

Other results may be finalised and published when the Hon. Handicapper is identified.

Hon Secretary

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