’10 Bouncing verses between Le’Che and wiLt

Title 2 B decided – exchange started early March 2010 via the net.

Twas only a shave… Yet there I was future seeking… Looking deep into a mirror Crags and crannies evident deeper As age goes by Cut the blade north left cheek Due west under rasping Smoothly up the south aspect And then again west contra growth Washed and patted, a mere Soft touch and run that blade again Smooth I shall be, just caring 4 1st impressions So where is she… the focus of my night… (wiLt)

Thoughts I hunger after as you switch the lavatory bright Gleaming face shines cascading confessions Hearing limbs rapidly closer sprint for the train And here we have him at counterpart, wonder do he see me through my whiny glare? Torso … Bronzed Aussie blood, covering right shoulder an acquainted brown cloth Foam squeals replenishing …he moves it circular amongst taunt cheeks what do you expect? Watching him massage his cervical opus makes my glass shiver a clasping He starts from the north… weed whacking and yes it makes me weak Envious of his aging for the mind breeds wise, dis I can’t lie Vessels resting upon febrile eyelids…hypnotize this seeker. Blue eyes stare into me …what do he see?? something inferior? Routing to precise highways, wrinkles fade into a smile sparkling Twas he giveth me life and save… (Le’Che)

Silvered glass fogging over, a hand poised to clear my sight what will I see or is it but a wish, youth I’m seeking or just a kiss… of life or mayhap death… desire away with foolish thoughts for this is body excited tramp the roads til passion abides for ageism is as is while seeking a love to pass these years, limited is my time brush away the tears, in that glassy reflection my visage is softened not reduced in years or learning… but am I? abandon the desire of youthful flesh, alone is alone twill be better to have dreamt than betrayed a love as I wipe the mirror, sanity returns, and her presence as I walk, will appear yet again, as she turns tis not her merely a thought and desire for an affection tendered for I am grey skies bounded while she burns besides the sea … a wasted shave today nay a reminder of life and all it may give a reflection of desire even midst the loneliest despair (wiLt)

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